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A Sprint to the Finish? Getting Email Compliant in 2016

Meeting the new requirements for email records management is a big job with big data and some agencies are scrambling to make it happen.  

According to the April 14 article in FCW, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued the Managing Government Records Directive in 2012 but the clock is ticking on the deadline, which requires compliance by the end of 2016. The directive mandates federal agencies save email messages that qualify as temporary or permanent government records in an electronic format. 

Agencies were supposed to file self-assessment reports at the beginning of the year, and most agencies are on track but some aren’t ready. According to an interview with Lisa Haralampus in FCW this month “budget, policies and not having the right technical staff were some of the reasons agencies gave for not being able to comply with the directive.”

It’s Simply Smart Business
The technical shift this mandate requires is daunting. But requirement or not, this is simply a smart business move. Having access to the right information in the right place for compliance, discovery, and historical records is critical. And a data management protocol is a long-term strategy that pays dividends and minimizes the time lost wrestling the volume and variety of data that is perpetually building. With data mounting every minute of every day, there’s really no way to argue that managing the tiered storage of real-time, inactive or retired content can simplify the big data dilemma in a big way.  

Managing the challenge of electronic records management is not just about meeting a deadline, but ultimately, taking a long term, strategic approach to adopting a solution.  The question arises, “What should we be looking for in an archive solution?”  Here are a few things that we see consistently:

  • Enable Data Mobility / Tiered Storage – Be able to control data mobility between storage tiers and Cloud.  Migrate content in and out of public, private cloud and between storage tiers based upon the relevance and importance of data at a given time.
  • Centralize Management Across Offices & Devices – Geographically dispersed offices with and end-users with multiple devices complicates data archiving.  Centralizing management streamlines the process, increasing efficiencies. 
  • Automate Day-to-Day Data Protection Activities – Ensure reliability, accessibility and efficiency of protecting data while reducing tedious and time consuming tasks for administrators.
  • Scale for Future Growth – With 75x growth in unstructured data projected over the next 5 years, build a solution with scalability in mind
  • Content Search Tools – Robust metadata search capability in an easy to use interface will expedite finding the right content

ViON brings over 35 years of data management expertise to the table and our Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) gives agencies an active-archiving solution capable of handling the challenges of large, growing repositories of both structured and unstructured data. Part hardware, part software, it is the superhero of data management for a stable, proven reliable system that meets these new requirements and then some. Check out this white paper for more details on how HCP is helping agencies around the globe get compliant and stay ahead.


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