Controlling Your as-a-Service Environment With ViON MarketPlace

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The Debate Over Cloud Strategies

Star Wars or Star Trek?  Team Jacob or Team Edward?  Pepsi or Coke?  Apple or Android?  These are arguably some of the great debates of all time.  Generally, people are firmly entrenched in one camp or the other and there is no middle ground – it’s an either-or proposition.  Debates over far more (and less) important matters have raged for years. 

Fortunately, when it comes to cloud computing, while there is still some differences of opinion, most agree that it is not a zero-sum game.  A comprehensive cloud strategy includes a mix of public, private and hybrid cloud, delivered on-prem or off-prem as requirements dictate.


Conquering the Issue of Governance in IT Management

A significant challenge that many organizations face when implementing a multi-faceted cloud strategy is management.  Lack of adequate governance when ordering in a cloud environment has resulted in conditions like “cloud sprawl” “shadow IT” leading to surprise billing.

What is Cloud sprawl?

Cloud sprawl is “the uncontrolled proliferation of an organization’s cloud instances, services or providers. Cloud sprawl typically occurs when an organization lacks visibility into or control over its cloud computing resources.”

What is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is “hardware or software within an enterprise that is not supported by the organization’s central IT department, often implying that the IT department has not approved the technology or doesn’t even know that employees are using it.


Multi-pronged cloud strategy can add a layer of complexity

A multi-pronged cloud strategy can address many of the issues that IT organizations face. At ViON, we frequently hear from our customers that maintaining control of their consumption-based IT environment is essential.  Unexpected charges, unapproved capacity and unwanted services are a real possibility in an uncontrolled as-a-service environment.  Implementing and enforcing ordering processes that require approvals is essential to controlling costs and managing capacity-based infrastructure.   

Building a governance framework allows you to:

  • Monitor and report on all orders and capacities to all locations to prevent billing spikes
  • Manage service levels
  • Report on workloads, capacity, assets, projects, and costs.

Regardless of whether you have a single cloud provider, or multiple public, private and hybrid clouds, managing and governing these environments can be complex.

Having one platform with the right tools and safeguards in place is essential to maintaining control over the technology and costs.


How a Self-Service MarketPlace Impacts Governance

ViON’s Data Center as-a-Service encompasses all elements of a holistic cloud strategy, and the ViON MarketPlace is a unified cloud services platform with governance, monitoring, and reporting at its core.  The MarketPlace is more than just an online ordering mechanism, it’s a complete management tool that enables end-to-end governance over data center technology that is priced and delivered, on-premise “as-a-Service”. 

From order placement, to billing, to reporting and analytics – it provides the visibility, control and governance over an as-a-service environment. 

This gives you the information you need to know; exactly what is ordered, deployed, and billed.

Regardless of what your taste and what type of “as-a-Service” environment you deploy, maintaining visibility and control to prevent surprise costs is something we can all agree on. 

Check out the ViON MarketPlace to learn more about how we can help your as-a-service strategy.

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