Why Navy SPAWAR is turning to As-A-Service to Best Leverage Technology

In the June 2018 issue of Signal magazine, AFCEA's International Journal, author Kimberly Underwood spotlights how the Navy is turning to cloud computing as a means of reducing costs while advancing their capabilities in her article, "The Navy Looks to the Promise of the Cloud". But there are many paths to the cloud, and the Navy is leveraging the most economical of them.

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It’s Going to Be Hot in Orlando in June & Oracle DBAs Have A Lot to Look Forward to at KScope

It’s been a busy month since my last blog post, after presenting at COLLABORATE18 in Las Vegas and then at the British Columbia Oracle User Group (BCOUG) first-ever Tech Day in Vancouver. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my current topics – Database In-Memory enhancements, database options for the Oracle Public Cloud, and the latest database release’s capabilities for accessing data directly from JSON, HDFS, and HIVE formats – resonated with the Oracle DBAs and application developers that attended my sessions.

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Cloud Is Here. Take A Deep Breath, Reflect and Jump On!

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I’ve had a lot of chances to chat with IT organizations – everyone from C-suite executives to Oracle DBAs and developers – about how they plan to migrate their existing Oracle Databases and corresponding computing infrastructures to the Cloud.

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Are Barriers To Cloud Real or Perceived?

Over the past year, I’ve been assuming the mantle of “Subject Matter Expert” for all things Oracle on behalf of my colleagues at ViON Corporation. During this time, I’ve had numerous opportunities to talk at length with C-level executives, as well as the “boots on the ground” folks, including Oracle DBAs and application developers, about the promise of transforming their IT organizations by migrating at least some of their Oracle Databases and corresponding computing infrastructure to the Cloud. As expected, there is still a lot of confusion around the advantages and drawbacks of a Cloud migration strategy.

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The 5 “C’s” of the New Customer Experience

I'm a fan of Proper Cloth, the online apparel store, where I can customize a "near bespoke" shirt, for not much more than the cost of a quality off-the-rack shirt. I simply enter my measurements in their online form, select the style, fabric quality, color, trim, buttons, pockets etc. that I want and within a week or two, my new, one-of-a-kind shirt shows up at my doorstep.

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A Veterans Day Tribute: How a Sense of Mission Changes Everything

At ViON, we have the privilege of working with many government agencies and veterans who have served or continue to serve our nation in government and commercial IT organizations. I come from a military family and I too served in the military, so it comes as no surprise to me that many veterans who once protected our nation are often found working toward similar missions in a civilian capacity.

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