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Data protection... A Circus Sideshow?

Data Protection for most people becomes a circus sideshow. Backup and recovery solutions generally just plug away, without ever being tested… until one day when data must be recovered. Errors and failures to complete scheduled backups are often dismissed with little concern. Then one day the circus comes to town along with the sideshow. The two-headed calf becomes the talk of the town. Their names are failed backup and investigative audit.

UAV is not a 4 letter word

Welcome to the age of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs. No don’t be alarmed - it’s not a case of “Rise of the Machines” in a Terminator movie; rather it’s an opportunity for UAVs and drones to make our lives better and easier.

Flash storage, one size doesn’t fit all

Welcome to my first blog post here at ViON!! When considering what to write about, my thoughts were centered on covering a technology that is influencing all of ViON’s Customers. Well, it took all of two seconds to decide that Flash technology was it. Nothing has provided more disruption, in a shorter timeframe than integration of NAND flash into the IT stack.

ViON Changes Direction with a Focus on Solutions and Services

ViON has been a hardware integrator for over 33 years. We've taken products from our suppliers and integrated them on customer premises to create solutions to address our customer's business and mission needs. In the early days of ViON's history these products consisted of Hitachi mainframe computers and storage peripherals. Our customer base was primarily the United States federal government. Our customers included the largest agencies such as the Customs Service (USCS), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Justice (DOJ), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration (SSA) and numerous others. These customers trusted ViON to integrate the most complex IT infrastructure solutions for the federal government. Whether the agency's mission was protecting our nation's borders, supporting the war fighter or sending social security checks to retirees our customers knew they could depend upon ViON to design, implement and support these vital solutions.

From the Desk of the CTO

Welcome to ViON's new Office of the CTO blog. This blog is sponsored by ViON's CTO and ViON's Product Management department. We'll use this blog to convey information about ViON's solutions, products and services offerings. We'll also be discussing changes in the IT marketplace and the needs of IT customers. Before we start down that path; however, let me introduce you to the upcoming contributors to this blog. I'll start by introducing myself.

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