5 Reasons Why Private Marketplaces and Innovative ‘As a Service Technology Acquisition’ Solutions offer a new era of differentiation for both end user customers and vendors alike

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Co Authored by Theresa Caragol, CEO AchieveUnite and Liz Anthony, SVP of Marketing, ViON

Acquiring and managing IT hardware, software and services to keep pace with rapidly changing   requirements and mission critical demands is increasingly challenging. Today’s CIOs and technology acquisition teams are faced with significant challenges. These teams need to:

  • Make purchasing decisions with incredibly low ROI calculations – customers want returns on investments within 2-3 months of our purchases.
  • Have the flexibility to purchase technology on demand and turn it on as needed and not have large capital outlay.
  • Form the foundation for emerging technologies and improve security while maintaining legacy systems in multi-cloud environments
  • Keep up with technology advancements, add disruptive technology and implement solutions quickly while managing rogue IT applications, shadow apps and solutions, and ‘there’s an app for that’ type mentalities. The bottom line is, IT decision makers can’t afford long depreciation cycles, or extended periods of financial impacts to their balance sheets.

A “new era” solution provider who is experiencing success and differentiating themselves from the competition is ViON, a leading cloud service provider with a marketplace and Data Center as-a-Service (DCaaS) offering that removes the complexity and reduces the burden of managing these challenges by providing all facets of data center technology as-a-Service without the up-front investment. DCaaS helps accelerate and streamline delivery of capabilities and technology, enable modern IT delivery, and reduce costs with the support of an expert project management team available 24/7/365.   Operating in a multi-cloud environment, ViON’s enterprise cloud delivers the ability to orchestrate workloads, to the right cloud environment in a single platform.  ViON offers their solution in a marketplace for its’ customers, which not only benefits the customer but ViONs vendor partners as well. According to Theresa Caragol, CEO of AchieveUnite Inc.  – a leading channel advisory company, ViON’s marketplace and as a service offering is unique, and the company is truly leading with its offering to both government and enterprise customers.  The Marketplace is also a unique capability for ViON’s vendor partners, offering them an alternative route to market for their solutions by developing a custom marketplace. This is truly a best practice and company to learn from in this space.

Some facts about ViON® Data Center as-a-Service (DCaaS) and how it helps organizations create the next generation data center:

  1. Accelerates the implementation of strategic IT initiatives, i.e. IT modernization with cloud-ready, hyperconverged solutions for data management, security and analytics delivered as-a-Service
  2. Speeds time to value of the next generation data center and IT modernization with upgrades to storage, network, compute, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure delivered as-a-Service
  3. Enables IT organizations to optimize resources for greater efficiency by increasing staff productivity and eliminating downtime with ViON’s managed services option
  4. Allows for adaption to changing IT needs via deployment of new applications and enhancement of existing capabilities providing flexibility for agile IT solutions to scale usage and capacity as needed to meet changing demands
  5. Mitigates financial barriers to IT modernization based on OpEx financial model reducing or even eliminate expensive, up-front acquisition costs of IT hardware

According to Liz Anthony, SVP of marketing, ViON® Data Center as-a-Service (DCaaS) has one of the largest portfolios of data center technologies priced as-a-Service. Data Center as-a-Service allows IT managers to create the next generation data center with greater control and oversight of requirements, procurement, workflows, contracts and key performance indicators. It also provides a radical new way for OEMs to deliver their products to market.


To learn more about ViON Enterprise Cloud™ and a DCaaS model, visit our website at vion-corporation-staging.nwvek60w-liquidwebsites.com/DCaaS or contact us via email at [email protected].  To learn more about AchieveUnite and their marketplace expertise and enablement programs, visit us at www.achieveunite.com.

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