DataAdapt for Hortonworks accelerates the deployment of a secure, enterprise-ready Apache™ Hadoop® platform that powers customer applications and delivers robust big data analytics. With a preconfigured, prevalidated Hadoop platform delivered as a solution or as a service, DataAdapt accelerates the deployment of big data analytics from months to weeks.

With DataAdapt for Hortonworks, you can:

  • Gain meaningful insights into data with tools that provide precision, value and understanding
  • Find relevance from all data sources across multiple clusters
  • Improve data governance for Hadoop and aggregate data from the edge
  • Focus on outcomes through automation to improve data productivity, collaboration and yield better insights
  • Reduce down-time, risk and costs by ensuring data consistency and availability across Hadoop clusters for disaster recovery and business continuity

DataAdapt for Hortonworks Helps Answer the Questions:

  1. How do we get meaningful insights from our data?
  2. How do we get relevance from all data sources?
  3. How do we scale to new data science workloads?

ViON Partnerships

ViON’s partners with industry leaders to deliver Advanced Analytics as a solution or ”As-A-Service”

The DataAdapt solutions are designed to meet specific customer needs with capabilities from industry-leading partners. We work with our valued partners to deliver a big data analytics solution that consist of best-of-breed products, people, and processes. We build upon their experiences, best practices and methodologies to bring you the best possible solutions for your specific needs.

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