DataAdapt Threat Detect leverages the power of  using big data and data analytics for cyber investigations, fraud detection and threat intelligence to reveal obvious and non-obvious relationships with criminal syndicates, gangs, terrorist cells and fraudulent activity. By connecting disparate data points within large volumes of information, the Threat Detect platform uses entity resolution to uncover the ambiguities that nefarious groups and individuals use to hide.

With DataAdapt You Can

  • Identify and remediate potential threats through investigations and gain actionable intelligence through the correlation of multiple datasets.
  • Manage complex data for intelligence gathering and cyber analytics for distribution to key stakeholders to expedite and improve decision making.
  • Enhance collaboration for threat and fraud detection, prevention and resolution: view data from a single dashboard, for ease of use and rapid analysis.

Threat Detect for Investigations

The Threat Detect solution ingests data from available sources and performs analytics to detect intersections in the data for entity resolution and fraud detection, continuously learning with each new set of data. DataAdapt is a scalable entity analytics platform. ViON delivers the value of a complex enterprise software with the speed, ease and economy of an appliance-like solution.

ViON Partnerships

ViON’s partners with industry leaders to deliver our Big Data and Cyber Analytics offerings.

The DataAdapt Platform solutions are designed to meet specific customer needs with capabilities from industry-leading partners. We work with our valued partners to deliver a big data ecosystem solution that consist of best-of-breed products, people, and processes. We build upon their experiences, best practices and methodologies to bring you the best possible solutions for your specific needs.

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