DrivescaleDriveScale is the only server platform composed on the fly from pools of heterogeneous, low-cost compute nodes, storage systems and network fabric. Called Composable Infrastructure, the DriveScale Composable Platform creates highly available, high-performance servers designed for data-intensive applications. Customers deploy and redeploy resources in minutes, eliminate resource underutilization and reduce refresh costs by decoupling compute and storage, providing cloud agility at scale in your data center at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

DriveScale provides hardware and software technology that allows the separate purchase and scaling of commodity compute and storage in the form of storage light servers and commodity JBODs full of commodity disks, and the flexible binding of storage units to compute elements in any ratio required by an application. As the applications change, these bindings can be dissolved and new bindings applied all via software control.

DriveScale’s technology is designed to serve the Infrastructure requirements of Big Data/Hadoop and other Scale-Out applications, by providing a composable architecture where disk drives are disaggregated from servers with the ability to re-compose servers with disks on demand. We do this in a performance neutral way while maintaining all the architectural principles and design criteria for such infrastructure including data locality, the use of commodity hardware and unmodified software.

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