DataAdapt Active Insight enables organizations of any size to harness the power of big data and data analytics. Accelerate Hadoop with NoSQL deployment and transform complex data volumes from the data warehouse and data lake into valuable business insights through operational efficiency, advanced analytics and exploration and discovery.

With DataAdapt You Can

  • The DataAdapt Active Insight solution helps improve operational efficiency by modernizing – not replacing – the data warehouse environment.
  • Leverage the pre-built big data analytics capabilities to understand the context of unstructured documents, perform sentiment analysis on social data or derive insight from a wide variety of data sources.
  • ViON DataAdapt Active Insight creates a framework for data analytics of relationships and correlations that can lead to new insights and improved business results.
  • DataAdapt Active Insight is a fully integrated infrastructure solution with cluster management and analytics capability optimized for Spark and Hadoop with NoSQL based workloads

Active Insight for Data Analytics

ViON's DataAdapt Active Insight Solution, powered by IBM BigInsights® is a Hadoop solution optimized for Spark that helps organizations integrate data from disparate sources, perform real-time data analytics, anticipate future outcomes, and rapidly generate insights for capitalizing on new opportunities. This solution simplifies the process and increases speed to value of an organization's big data objectives.

ViON Partnerships

ViON’s partners with industry leaders to deliver our Big Data and Cyber Analytics offerings.

The DataAdapt Platform solutions are designed to meet specific customer needs with capabilities from industry-leading partners. We work with our valued partners to deliver a big data analytics solution that consist of best-of-breed products, people, and processes. We build upon their experiences, best practices and methodologies to bring you the best possible solutions for your specific needs.

Our Partners