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Moving to the cloud in pursuit of IT agility, lower costs, and security.

Cloud adoption is growing rapidly, but security and implementation challenges continue to be a top concern for most organizations looking to move to the cloud. Despite these obstacles, the attraction to the possibilities a cloud environment can offer from lower cost, greater agility and scalability to accelerated acquisition and innovation are just too tempting not explore further.

Organizations looking to transition to the cloud need to identify their requirements and the problems they are trying to solve. Today’s cloud adopters understand that not all cloud computing platforms are the same, and careful consideration needs to be given to their cloud strategy – what are the goals, what applications, and what data is migrated to the cloud? Once these are established, then they can compare the options and decide on a service provider that best fits with their organization’s business model.

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Understanding Cloud Deployment options:

The Public Cloud

In a public cloud, the information can be accessed and shared as widely as you like. This is typically a shared infrastructure model, where multiple organizations are sharing the provided infrastructure.

The Private Cloud

In a private cloud, the information is dedicated to one organization, and not shared among other organizations. The agency’s internal applications are deployed on the infrastructure, but multiple business units may be granted access to share and leverage the data.

The Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud consists of two of more deployment models. For instance, a hybrid cloud will contain both a public and private cloud and easily segment data and transfer data between clouds as necessary.

Not all data is equal, nor are all providers. ViON offers cloud solutions that scale based on all of an agency’s needs; without minimum timeframes. We customize a solution focusing on the security, privacy and unique needs of the customer’s individual organization.

We know the government. We know the Cloud and have delivered private Cloud longer than anyone else in the industry. ViON is a partner that understands government procurement and regulations. We make it easier for customers by guiding them through the process and applying our deep experience. ViON has been a major partner with government for 34 years, providing private Cloud solutions for more than 15.

Customers partner with ViON because we provide the infrastructure needed to bring them Cloud services quickly and efficiently without minimum purchase commitments. We design, install and implement Cloud infrastructure, then service, train and support our customers while minimizing their risk. With ViON, it’s not about buying technology; it is about meeting customers’ mission-critical goals and SLAs.

"Our legacy is to focus on the hardest problems, the biggest scale issues, the toughest performance issues, the most critical application environments, and deliver infrastructure that will thrill our customers. "
Ray McCay, ViON Vice-President, Solutions Strategy

Cloud Confident. Cloud ViON.

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