You want and need the latest technology, but are challenged by tight budgets, complex procurement, and high security requirements. Maybe you are looking to deploy more infrastructure or optimize new applications. You may want to scale up and down quickly to accommodate business demands. And you need to be able to respond to the latest legislative mandates.


Cloud promises you solutions to these issues, but also introduces risks such as security concerns, loss of control, and staffing challenges. As pressure mounts to move to a Cloud environment, it is critical for you to select both the right approach and the right partner. It’s easier to move to Cloud when you can rely on someone who understands your unique requirements and can fashion tailor-made approaches to meet your specific needs.

The right Cloud solution delivers flexibility, options and value

ViON Cloud Solutions deliver benefits including high-availability and performance, while leveraging a choice of architectures for enhanced cost efficiency and mission success:

  • ViON Agile Cloud Platform Private Cloud solution, available on and off customer premises
  • ViON Public Cloud solutions, including FedRAMP compliant Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Hybrid Cloud implementations that leverage best-of-breed Public and Private Cloud offerings
  • ViON as-a-Service Infrastructure with a focus on bringing the Cloud business model to the most challenging environments

All Clouds are not created equal

At ViON, we specialize in enterprise-class, high-value solutions that solve tough problems in challenging environments. We guarantee the highest levels of customer service and response for mission-critical projects, high-performance applications and top-security environments.


It all starts by understanding the problems your organiza­tion is trying to solve, then recommending the Cloud design options that best meet your specific requirements:

  • Don’t want to own infrastructure?

    We offer a number of cloud solutions that can be specifically tailored for your requirements.

    • Need to stand up and optimize mission critical applications quickly?

      See what our Agile Cloud Platform can do as the basis for a Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud that best suits your needs.

    • Worried about losing control?

      Choose a private Cloud option with features that add most value for you – whether it’s access, consumption, data, pricing, security or something else.

    • Concerned about strict security standards and mandates?

      Choose a trusted partner organization staffed by experts with full security clearance and customer responsiveness in their DNA.

    What Makes ViON Different?

    ViON provides scalable, customized solutions that combine the lessons we’ve learned over the years and our strong relationships with an incredible supply chain. We know what works. ViON makes it possible to implement Cloud solutions in weeks, not months or years.


    We customize a set of leading-edge components, then our experienced staff configures and installs your Cloud solution. We manage the entire process, so you avoid spending months coordinating multiple hardware, software, and SI vendors. Because of our deep experience with government and Cloud, ViON customers get fast, reliable implementations, the latest technology and reduced risk.