Maximize Technology in an Evolving World  

IT professionals are under intense pressure in these rapidly changing times. Data continues to grow exponentially; budgets are under constant stress. This pressure challenges IT departments to find new ways to operate more efficiently, focus on meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and continually balance the importance of data availability and protection with budget constraints.


ViON Professional Services helps you achieve the full value and outcomes you expect from your technology. We know every customer consumes services differently and our unique approach allows you to consume services the way that works best for you. Our flexible consumption model is focused on your mission and business outcomes. ViON services range from packaged “Ready for Use” services and customized value-added services, to ViON ON-Demand with Managed Services, an outcome-based model in which ViON provides infrastructure including servers, storage, and communications for a fee.   


We go beyond hardware and software - integrating your current technology with solutions that help you achieve your goals, accelerate your operations and increase your capability. Our experts ensure creative deployment of your resources and maximum application of technology so you can serve your customers and meet your mission critical objectives more efficiently and effectively. 


Achieve Outcomes with Services

ViON’s services portfolio is comprised of four core practice areas supporting your most important objectives. Within each practice area we offer services in four categories:




We assess, develop and design technology architectures to help you fully leverage your current technology and future acquisitions. 

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We accelerate your technology implementation, then transition and integrate it to provide your desired outcome.

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We help you meet your Service Level Agreements and exceed business requirements.

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We have a team of cleared experts on call 24/7/365. They have your back when you need it, helping improve technology up-time using every tool in their arsenal.

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Our customer intimacy model is focused on gaining a deep understanding of your needs and supporting you when you need it most. All services are backed by ViON’s strong educational practice as well as our sound project management unparalleled 365/24/7 service and support center.


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