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ViON presents Capacity Services – A Private Cloud Computing Strategy.

Cloud Computing - Enterprise Data CentersCapacity Service, n.  (1) A scalable, on-demand IT service for Enterprise Data Centers derived from deploying server, networking and/or storage hardware and associated software that is (a) priced and ordered on a unit of capacity basis; (b) installed at the customer’s location(s); (c) provisioned, made “Ready-for-Use” and maintained by an IT service provider in accordance with specific Service levels agreements for delivery, repair and return to Service; and (d) priced on a pre-determined, fixed unit-price basis and billed monthly based on ordered capacity.   (2) A strategy for acquiring information technology (IT) capabilities to enable Cloud Computing and other embodiments of just-in-time computing.

Much has been written about Cloud Computing as a technology, as a solution and as a force for change in Enterprise Data Centers.  From the perspective of the Data Center Manager or Data Center customer, Virtualization technologies, self-service provisioning portals, billing systems and migrating workloads to Cloud Computing is well documented.  Little has been written, however, from a business management or acquisition perspective about the most effective way to acquire and implement the underlying IT hardware and software that enables Cloud Computing infrastructure.  Many wonder how to avoid overspending on hardware and software to meet the needs of paying customers.  So what is the strategy for buying and implementing servers, storage and networking infrastructure that minimizes the IT investment, reduces risk and ensures cost, revenues and risk are balanced in a practical and sustainable manner?  If the goal of Cloud Computing is to make it easier to access scalable computing and storage resources – to turn-on a finite computing and/or storage capacity, to use that capacity, to pay for it and then to turn it off when it is no longer needed, then the essence of Cloud Computing is IT

ViON Capacity Services - Infrastructure as a Service

Capacity Services – the essential acquisition and implementation strategy for affecting Cloud Computing in virtually any organization.

For more than eight years, ViON has been delivering hardware and software as an on-demand, Capacity Service to the Department of Defense.  ViON has delivered more Capacity Services than any other provider and done so with an impeccable track record of performance.  ViON has achieved a 99% on-time delivery rate for more than 850 orders for IT Capacity Services.  ViON offers a compelling business model for customers to order and use the capacity they need without paying for more than they need.  ViON’s business model does not lock customers into a single manufacturer or technology.  In fact, ViON’s Capacity Service offerings ensure customers:

  1. Receive service level assurance for delivery, availability and maintenance response
  2. Have access to complete, end-to-end storage and server solutions
  3. Have the most responsive ordering and delivery process on the market today
  4. Can easily order increases or decreases to meet their storage or server capacity needs
  5. Receive timely, accurate and detailed billing statements
  6. Have up to five years or more of price protection enabling better budgeting and forecasting.

ViON offers customers "Private" Cloud Computing via our Capacity Service solution.   ViON's Capacity Services enable "Private" Cloud Computing by providing a business strategy for customers to acquire and build their own Cloud, at their location(s), to their standards, using their unique security requirements.  As part of our offering, we provide customers with additional technical expertise in the design, installation, initial configuration and maintenance of data center technologies needed to build and maintain a "Private" Cloud Computing environment.  ViON has over 31 years of data center experience, as well extensive partnerships with the major manufacturers of server, storage and networking technologies.  ViON's on-premise, Capacity Service offering meets customer-specific performance and availability requirements (i.e., enterprise architecture standards, application performance, system reliability and availability and security).

ViON's Capacity Services can make dramatic improvements in your operational effectiveness, capital expenditures and service levels.   Chief Information Officers' top three concerns, as reported by the Society of Information Management (SIM) in its 2010 CIO Survey, are (1) Business productivity and cost reduction, (2) Business agility and speed to market and (3) IT and business alignment.

ViON’s Capacity Service solution can:

  1. Reduce IT costs by acquiring only the capacity you need when you need it
  2. Shorten purchasing lead time by re-engineering the request for quote, quote review and equipment purchasing cycle
  3. Increase equipment utilization by virtualizing multiple workloads on a single physical asset
  4. Improve speed to market by dramatically shortening the ordering and implementation processes
  5. Improve business agility by rapidly adjusting capacity to meet new requirements and/or contingencies
  6. Improve business productivity by reducing staff hours spent managing multiple vendors’ ordering, delivery and maintenance processes
  7. Re-align cost to requirements implementation via predetermined service level agreements for delivery, capacity availability and maintenance response time.

To learn more about ViON’s Capacity Services – A Private Cloud Computing Strategy, to include a presentation and/or demonstration, please submit a request.

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